At Alpine Insurance we enjoy working with and value our customers very much.

We strive to offer the highest standard of personalized professional insurance brokerage service available and pride ourselves on all the wonderful long-standing relationships we have built throughout the years.

Our job as insurance professionals is to gather pertinent information to custom-tailor an insurance program to meet your specific needs while offering our clientele as many options as possible to create the best insurance protection plan available. Our highly committed team of insurance professionals share their dedication to our chosen industry every day by offering our clientele quality sound advice with a pleasant experience each and every time you have contact with our office.

At Alpine Insurance we specialize in a wide variety of niches including home, condominium, tenants, automobile, and commercial insurance including almost every variable such as umbrella liability, high-value homes as well many other specialty products from art collections to antique cars. We have very strong relationships and represent many of Canada’s leading insurance providers offering world class products for your protection.

Whether you live in Calgary, Edmonton or a small town in Alberta,
there are many benefits to working with an independent Alberta broker
for all your home, auto and business insurance needs.


The value of an independent insurance broker

Some insurance companies offer their products “directly” to you versus offering their products through an independent broker or local Calgary insurance company.  These companies take a self-service approach and expect you to become the insurance expert in an increasingly complex world.   Developing a relationship with a trusted broker to protect your assets, family, business and everything you have worked hard to achieve has the following benefits:


As a busy individual, let us take the time to find the most comprehensive product at a cost effective price.  This will save you time and money.  We pride ourselves on being insurance professionals and truly understand the complexities of the varying insurance products.


There are hundreds of insurance products across the country.  As a consumer, it is very difficult to educate yourself on the variety of products and options available. Our Alpine Brokers have 300 years of combined experience and they’re always keeping up-to-date on their knowledge through research and education in the insurance industry.


Brokers are constantly looking at the insurance market and keep abreast of any pricing changes within the industry.  Your broker is aware of all the discounts available to our customers and can evaluate how your individual needs might change your rates from year-to-year.  This is essential in minimizing rate increases on an annual basis.


Alpine Insurance is an independent, Alberta based company and we choose to remain independent. To protect your assets most effectively, we work with many insurers on your behalf.  We can offer you many different options depending on your individual needs.  This gives you more flexibility than having to purchase all your products from one insurance company.

We are real people serving real people.
At Alpine Insurance we don’t just take your business, we earn your business.



Brokers are compensated by insurance companies and not by you.  Our policyholders do not generally pay separate fees for the advice and protection offered by our brokers.  By selecting a “direct” insurance product, there might be a slightly lower price, but clients are missing out on the knowledge, effort and advocacy offered by an independent broker.  Is it worth a small discount for self-serve insurance when you consider potential gaps in coverage that might exist in the event of a major loss.


Every year, insurance products change and prices are adjusted.  A broker will ensure you benefit from regular reviews of your policy portfolio and that you have benefited from all applicable discounts and new products.


The insurance industry can be confusing if you are filing a claim or renewing a policy after an accident.  With an independent broker, you have a trusted industry expert working on your behalf if issues arise that need our involvement.  Sometimes, you just need confirmation that you are getting accurate information from the insurance companies processing your claim or renewing your policy.  our brokers are here to answer questions and reassure you that you are in good hands.


Most insurance companies offering direct insurance sell their product through a call centre with menus, prompts and many different advisors.  Alpine Insurance has a live person answer the phone and our brokers return their voice mails on a daily basis.  You can be assured personal service and even ask for the same person every time you call.

We are professionals you can trust. Whether your home or business is big or small we have an insurance product just right for you.

Most consumers use professionals before starting a plumbing or electrical job in their home. The same holds true when safeguarding your possessions, family, or business.

Why take on potentially damaging financial risk by not adequately insuring your assets?

This is particularly true if you have an affluent lifestyle that involves a distinctive home, various toys,  recreational property or collector cars, or even someone with a respected position in the community.  An experienced, licensed broker is the most reliable way to obtain most inclusive protection with the greatest value.


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