Why Do I Need Tenant’s Insurance?

Why Do I Need Tenant's Insurance? 1As a tenant or a condominium unit owner in Alberta, you may not think insurance is a priority. You may think that because the building is covered by someone else, your personal effects aren’t worth insuring. What you may not know is that a Tenant’s Insurance or Condo Insurance policy also includes personal liability.

The Liability section of the policy will protect you in case you are found legally responsible of having unintentionally caused bodily injury or property damage to someone else. This can happen just the same when you are on vacation, at a public meeting, or attending your child’s soccer game. In fact, your coverage will follow you anywhere in the world. The policy also covers any court costs, lawyers’ fees and other expenses associated with your defence.

For example, your neighbours or your landlord could sue you if a candle you left unattended caused a fire that damaged your apartment, other units or the common areas of the building. If this happened, the personal Liability section of your renter’s or condominium owner policy would protect you. You might also be responsible for a pet that has caused damage. The majority of liability claims for injury or damage caused by domestic animals, deal with dogs. As adog owner you may be deemed legally liable for any injuries or damages caused byyour dog. Your policy can also provide for medical payments on a voluntary basis even if you are not legally liable.

Now that you know how to protect yourself from liabilities concerning someone else, you should also think about protecting your own personal effects whether you own a condo or rent an apartment. Don’t underestimate the value of your personal effects. Take a minute to look around your apartment or condominium. What would it cost to replace everything, from your toothbrush to the leather couch you just bought?

Can you afford not to insure?

Contact Alpine Insurance so our experienced professionals can help you establish the limits of protection you need.

To get started, you can develop an inventory of your possessions room by room, including the items you have in storage. It is a good idea to attach receipts, pictures or any other documents to the inventory and keep it in a safe place, preferably outside your apartment or condominium. Even take a video, if you have the equipment.

Protect your personal items, protect yourself!

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