Are You Protected Online?

We are online more than ever these days surfing the net on our computers, tablets, and smart phones. Cyber theft is a serious threat with criminals after your identity and bank account information. We wanted to share some safety tips to ensure your private information stays safe.Are You Protected Online? 1

• Only open emails from people you know and trust. If the email has a link in it sending you to your bank account or other personal information do not use that link. Always go to the site directly.

• Do not send private information in a text message or in a social media post. Always contact the person directly or send in a safe guarded email.

• Password Protection. It sounds simple but do not use the same password for every account. Also try not using a Pass word. Instead use a phrase or group of words that are not normally found together with capitals and numbers intermixed. If you have trouble remembering your passwords try using online password protection software like Last Pass.

• Do not access personal accounts on an open WiFi network. This includes bank accounts, social media and anything else password protected. Open WiFi networks make it extremely easy for cyber thefts to obtain your personal information. Only use secure WiFi hotspots like a VPN.

• Be careful when downloading apps onto your phone or other mobile device. Protect yourself from phishing and other malware by reading the reviews and only downloading from companies or organizations you recognize.

We hope these simple tips help you stay protected online. To stay up to date on staying protected in all aspects of your life follow us on Facebook.

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Source: ING Direct, 5great tips to help you stay protected online.

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