Autism Aspergers Friendship Society Event

Autism Aspergers Friendship Society Event 1AAFS (Autism Aspergers Friendship Society)hosted their first annual gala on April 26th, in support of the Clubhouse of CARE Autism Aspergers Friendship Society Event 2Capital Campaign. AAFS was founded in 2002 when a few families and support workers of Autism realized the lack of opportunities for their children to socialize with each other. AAFS believes it is important to provide a safe space for youth to learn social thinking and take social risks; that it is important that children are given the opportunity to practice and develop these skills in a safeenvironment. Robin’s son, Keeran, is a member of this program. Since joining he has been able to attend Flames games, Disney on Ice and various other activities. Keeran is also provided a place to go and just be himself and hang out with his peers. They do things like play video games, baking, arts and crafts. It truly is a place where the kids can go and “not have to act like a normal person; they can be their crazy beautiful selves”.

The current club house is located in the old army barracks. It has become much too small as AAFS now serves over 500 families in the Calgary and surrounding area. The campaign goal is to raise $1,000,000 to build a new and much larger facility that can accommodate all of the wonderful things they do for these kids.Autism Aspergers Friendship Society Event 3

Robin volunteered at this event which was a “007” themed casino night. It was held at the Wainright Hotel in Heritage Park. They had fantastic entertainment which included opera, jazz, blues, hip hop, acrobats andmuch more. The turn out and support was overwhelming at over 200 people!!

Alpine Insurance sponsored the slots table in support of this cause.A BIG THANK YOU to Alpine for supporting something that means so much to our community and to Robin, herself.

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