car insurance Doesn’t Cover Stolen Holiday Gifts

car insurance Doesn't Cover Stolen Holiday Gifts 1

What could be more frustrating than walking out of the mall to find all your gift purchases have been stolen from your car?You may think that your car insurance policy will cover this loss, right? Not exactly.

Damage to your vehicle may be covered, subject to your deductible. However, it won’t cover the loss of your personal propertyin the car. For thistype of loss, yourHome, Tenants or Condo Insurance policy would kick in. It’s important to know what your policy limits are. Some companies only cover up to 10% of your personal property limit for those items stolen out of vehicle; which of course are also subject to your policy deductible. So depending on your insurance deductible, and the value of the items stolen, you may not be able to recover anything.

Here are some Tips to Keep Your Car & Holiday Gifts Safe:

1. Park as close to the store or mall entrance as possible. And if dark, park under lighting. Being visible is a deterent to theft.

2. Always do a double check to ensure your vehicle is locked and windows are up.

3. Hide your personal belongings in your trunk or covered in your vehicle. Don’t leave anything in plain sight…..doing so only invites trouble.

4. If you’re dropping off additional purchases in the vehicle, make sure to move your car to another parking spot. People may be watching you come and go, knowing you’ve dropped items off in your vehicle.

5. Keep your wits about you when walking to / from your car and always lock your doors when you and your parcels are loaded.

What do you do to protect yourself from being a target of holiday theft?

Contact us at Alpine Insurance today to review your property insurance limits, knowing you’re secure in the event of a theft of your personal valuables.

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