Beth Miller Talks About Life with Juvenile Diabetes

Beth Miller Talks About Life with Juvenile Diabetes 1

I am Beth Miller. I am 7 years old.


I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was 5.
One thing people say to me about my Diabetes is that itʼs ʻokayʼ because at least you can control it. But you canʼt. Everything I do affects my blood sugar levels. Walking to school. Monkey bars. Skiing. Ballet. Swimming. I can go low and the lows are scary because if I go too low I could get really sick and fall asleep. But then, if I donʼt do anything active because itʼs raining outside, I can go to high. And going too high makes me feel awful too, and can really hurt my body.

Finger Pokes are a Part of Beth’s Life
One thing that makes me sad about having diabetes is when I want to play at a newfriendʼs house, itʼs not easy because their parents donʼt know. And thereʼs lots to know. It also makes me sad when Iʼm playing and I have to stop. And take a test. And if Iʼmlow, Iʼve got to eat something. And then take another test. And then maybe itʼs okay to play but by then sometimes Iʼve missed out. Itʼs same with everything. Because youcanʼt control it, you have to miss out on things. And thatʼs hard.
Diabetes isnʼt easy to live with but with your help a cure is possible. Thank you for listening to my story and supporting JDRF. It means everything to me.
By Beth – 7 Years Old

Beth’s Team Raising Money for JDRF

Beth Miller Talks About Life with Juvenile Diabetes 2

Find out more about the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the events it supports right here in our community. Alpine Insurance is proud to support Beth and JDRF through our referral program.

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