Choosing an Insurance Broker

Choosing an Insurance Broker 1

Are you searching for a new insurance brokerage, but don’t know where to begin? Here at Alpine Insurance & Financial Services we like to think that we offer some of the most comprehensive insurance policies in all of Alberta. But we also know that choosing a new broker or brokerage is about more than just the types of coverage we offer, it is also about fit. That is why we’ve created this handy guide to help you choose your next insurance company:

How to choose a new insurance brokerage

Before you select a new insurance broker, it is a good idea to evaluate what it is that you are looking for in a brokerage. Would you prefer to go with an independent brokerage or a direct underwriter? Will you be purchasing multiple policies and are you open to bundling? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you narrow down your search before you even begin.

When selecting a new broker be sure to…

Talk to the broker. Treat the whole process as an interview. What is the vibe you get from interacting with the broker? Do your personalities mesh? Do you trust them? Remember, just because you ask for a quote doesn’t bind you to the broker or the offer.

Ask for credentials. Find out which insurance associations they are affiliated with and if they are had to do any work or meet any requirements to gain such affiliation.

Ask for references. Although many people are reluctant to do so, this isn’t an out of bounds requests. As already stated, you should be treating this as a job interview, and at a job interview, you would be asked for references, would you not? There is no one better than the individuals who have already worked with the broker to give you insight into their service.

Ask about licensing. You should only work with licensed insurance brokerages.

Google them. The internet is a wonderful place to get the straight scoop on any potential insurance brokerage. Now, we try not to get too high with the highs and too low with the lows. From our experience, the truth lies somewhere in between.

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