Cut Down on Cuts: Knife Safety

Cut Down on Cuts: Knife Safety 1

The holiday season is well on its way and that means some of you will be spending more time in the kitchen this month as you prepare for your annual family feast. The more time you spend in there though, the more likely you are to suffer a common kitchen accident.

Knives are one of the greatest sources of accidents in the kitchen. To ensure your safety, please follow these basic guidelines for using your knives properly and preventing cuts.

Knife Safety Guide

Stay sharp – It might seem counterintuitive, but using a sharp knife is actually safer than using one that has dulled over time. This is because a sharp knife will cut easier and slip less.

Choose the right knife – There are all kinds of knives, each with a different purpose and use. Be sure that the knife you are using is sized appropriately for the job and features the correct blade.

Use a cutting board – Always use a cutting board. Do not cut directly on your countertop or out of your hand.

Adults only – Do not let children handle sharp knives.

Pay attention – It is easy to get lost in conversation, especially with all the people likely to be helping you in the kitchen, but when you are using a knife it is important to concentrate on your task and save the chit-chat for later.

Keep your handles dry – Keep your knife handles clean and free of grease or any other slippery substance.

Clean up – Once you are finished using you knife you should immediately clean it and put it away. Do not leave any knives in a sink full of soapy water to come back to later, you never know who might decide to stick their hand in there. When cleaning a knife, be sure that the sharp edge is facing away from you.

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Source – Careful Cutting: Knife Safety Tips

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