Does A Typical Home Insurance Policy Cover Wildfires?

Each year, wildfires leave behind devastating damages on homes. With a sharp spike in occurrences of wildfires over the past decade, homeowners are looking into their home insurance policy for wildfire coverage and how much coverage they have.

The question is – does a standard home insurance policy cover wildfires?

The short answer is yes – however, there are limitations to be aware of. While your home insurance policy will help protect against specific perils, it’s important to get in touch with an Insurance broker to discuss the components of your policy, including:

• Your geographic location
• What your coverage includes/limitations and exclusions
• How you can protect your home
• Additional/increased limits of insurance options to enhance your policy

Home Insurance Policy Cover Wildfires

Prepare and plan ahead

Although wildfires are unpredictable and out of your control, there are steps you can take to protect you, your family, and your home in the case of a wildfire. Consider the following guide to increase the chances of your property surviving a wildfire.

Optimize your home’s design

• Install fire-resistant roof coverings, including roof vents with fire-resistant screens
• Use materials with one-hour fire resistance ratings on exterior windows, doors, balconies, and eaves
• Create a safety zone to protect your property from fire

Clear the space

• Remove trimmings, dry or dead brush, trees, and grass within 50 feet of your home
• Trim branches to at least six feet from the ground
• Ensure that there is a safety zone of 33ft between deciduous trees and 100ft between coniferous trees
• Clear leaves, branches, and other debris from roofs and eavestroughs

Practice safe fire precautions

• Store combustible and flammable materials at an acceptable distance from your home
• Provide containers for cigarettes and smoking materials that will not start a fire
• Avoid burning fire pits in dry weather or during wildfire season
• Have fire-resistant waste containers

Establish an escape plan

• Discuss an evacuation plan with your family, including where you will stay
• Be familiar with evacuation routes and practice driving through them
• Have all of your important documents prepared and stored in a safe place


While these are just a few of the actions you can take to help protect you and your loved ones, it’s important to speak one of our knowledgable professionals at Alpine Insurance to ensure that your wildfire preparedness plan leaves nothing to chance.

We help our clients navigate the complex components of their home insurance policy. With more knowledge, you can feel more confident in choosing the necessary steps to protect your property and have peace of mind. Our qualified brokers are ready to answer your questions.

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