Don’t Let the Grinch Steal Christmas

You have explored far and wide the best gifts for all those on your holiday gift list. Moreover, you’ve spent time finding gifts everyone will love. And now, you can’t wait for your loved ones to receive them! However, before you give your gifts, you need someplace to keep them. You may think holding the gifts in your vehicle is smart. After all, you can easily hide presents in a locked trunk, so why not?

Unfortunately, burglars also know cars are a terrific location to keep valuable presents. And these sticky-fingered Grinches might be a couple of steps ahead of you if you’re not careful! Taking precautions to ensure your gifts remain intact is essential during the holiday season.

At Alpine Insurance, we are your trusted home insurance brokers. As such, we want to ensure you, your loved ones, and your property remain safe. Here are some tips to safeguard your gifts during the holidays.

How to protect your gifts this holiday season

When bringing your gifts home from the store, put them in your trunk. If you can’t use your trunk, ensure you cover them to block their visibility. Once you arrive home, take your gifts indoors. Remember, thieves are on the lookout, so don’t leave them in the vehicle, on the patio, or in any other place where a burglar can spot them.

Having many bags could make you a target for robbers. For this reason, ensure you’re always aware of your environment and surroundings. Parking in well-lit, illuminated areas can help with this. Moreover, watch out for porch pirates. Many of us bypass the large crowds at shopping malls by shopping online.

Online shopping has made it nearly effortless for crooks to burglarize. So if you’re shopping online, track the package and ensure someone is home to receive it on delivery day. This act will spare your gift from getting swiped from the porch.

Additionally, be mindful of how you discard receipts and packaging—these items could notify burglars of items within your home and might make you a target for break-ins.

Also, your window-centred Christmas tree may look lovely. But it can also entice burglars. Consider moving your tree to a more discreet location. If your tree stands directly in front of a window, close the blinds to ensure thieves can’t see and steal your gifts.

Don’t flaunt your gifts on social media. That unique present may look fun, but displaying it online could be a tip-off to prospective robbers. Safeguarding your presents from burglars is essential, and so is safeguarding your home. The holidays are among the best and most popular times to travel, and thieves are aware of this.

Tips to protect your home from robbery and unwanted visitors

Make sure your doors and windows are closed and locked. Also, shutting window blinds is prudent as well. Patio sliding doors are easily manipulated, resulting in quick break-ins. Think about installing a wooden rod or security bar to safeguard your porch or patio door. Moreover, ensure your residence is well-lit.

You may already have outdoor lighting, but if you’re going away for the holidays, consider keeping a light or two on within your home. This will allow your home to appear inhabited and prevent thieves from looting your residence.

A big giveaway of a vacant home is snow-covered driveways. If possible, have someone shovel your walkway/driveway. Another vacant-home telegraph is an overflowing mailbox. Ensure delivered packages aren’t left out on the deck, and discontinue mail deliveries until you return home.

Also, avoid announcing your holiday plans on social media. Notifying the world about your vacation can make your home a target for thieves. Think about installing a camera or some kind of security system. Such setups are readily available and straightforward to install.

Another helpful tip is to become friends with your neighbours; you should think of your neighbours as allies. You can protect one another by watching out for the neighbourhood and informing each other of suspicious activities. Moreover, once trust is established, you can ask a neighbour to watch your property while you’re away on holiday.


A theft or break-in can leave you feeling frightened, violated, and infringed upon in your own home. Adhering to these simple tips can ensure you and your property remain safe and secure during the holidays.

This article’s content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be used as professional advice. Alpine Insurance accepts no responsibility for actions taken due to reliance on any information within this article.

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