Frost Bites! Stay Warm, Stay Safe

Frost Bites! Stay Warm, Stay Safe 1

Baby, it’s cold outside!

With temperatures dropping, we know you’d probably like to be spending more time inside by the fire. Unfortunately, duty calls and we all have to head outside at some point – whether we’re taking the kids to school, going to work, or shoveling snow.

Here in Canada, we enjoy one of the world’s most severe winter climates. While we’d like to think that just makes us tougher than most, that doesn’t mean we are immune to the hazards of extreme cold. Windburn, hypothermia and frostbite are very real maladies affecting people around the country.

Who is most at risk?

As we’ve already stated, everyone is at risk to suffer from extreme cold, it just so happens however, that there are certain groups more likely to be affected than others:

  • Infants
  • Senior citizens
  • The homeless
  • Those with diseases affecting the blood vessels or taking beta-blockers
  • Outdoor workers
  • Winter sports enthusiasts

How do I reduce my risk?

The number one way to reduce your risk of illness or injury resulting from extreme cold is to stay inside. Can’t? Then you had better bundle up and pay attention to local weather reports. Environment Canada is very good about providing wind chill alerts for conditions that will cause frostbite.

When venturing outdoors, it is better to be over dressed than underdressed – you can always remove layers. Your outermost layer should be wind resistant, while synthetic fabrics and wool are best for keeping your body dry.

Remember, your nose is very much susceptible to frostbite and windburn. A scarf or facemask is best for protection.

Avoid alcohol

We hear it all the time: warm yourself up with a drink. And it’s true – alcohol will increase blood flow to the extremities. The problem? That feeling of warmth you might get with a shot of whiskey isn’t doing anything for your core body temperature; you’re still losing heat.

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Source – Healthy Living: Extreme Cold

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