High Value Home Insurance

Distinctive homes require specialized insurance coverage. At Alpine Insurance, we have particular products that offer exceptional coverage while offering more choices, better service and unique features that are not often found in standard insurance policies.

High Value Home Insurance 1

Is high value homeowners insurance for you?

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if we can tailor an insurance product that will better cover one of your most valuable assets.

  • Claim Service: Does your existing insurance company have one of the highest rated claims service in the business? If you finally have to put in a claim after all those years of paying premium, will the claims service of your existing insurance company exceed your expectations and offer a quicker than average response time?
  • Expertise in Upgraded Properties: You have an upgraded home with many distinctive features. Does your existing broker understand how to properly value the uniqueness of your home?
  • Extended Rebuilding Options: If you experience a loss, will your policy allow you to rebuild with the same quality of materials even if they exceed your policy limits?
  • Cash Settlements: After a complete loss to your home, would you like a choice between a cash settlement or the option of completely rebuilding or repairing your home?
  • Extra Living Expenses: You have made a claim and have to temporarily leave your home. Does your existing policy have a limit to the extra living expenses coverage? Will you be able to maintain your lifestyle while you are living outside of your residence?
  • Appraisal Service: You have an estate home valued at over $1,000,000. Does your insurance policy offer a free appraisal service so that special features and unique upgrades are documented?
  • Flexible Settlements: Your home contents are damaged. Would you be interested in a policy where you are offered the option of a cash settlement for added flexibility?
  • Extended Liability Coverage: Does your existing home owner’s policy offer the broadest personal liability coverage available?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, your existing policy does not offer the specialized benefits of a high value homeowners policy. Not all insurance companies are the same as they differ in the coverage offered, the manner in which they value your valuables and the efficiency of their claims settlement process. Whether you live in Mount Royal, Rideau or Millarville, at Alpine Insurance, we can tailor an individual protection plan just for you.

High Value Home Insurance 2

For a Complimentary Insurance Review by one of our Alpine Insurance Specilaists, fill out the Client Information Form on this page or call 403-264-8008 and ask for the VIP Department. One of our brokers will contact you to determine a customized homeowners program to provide you with the peace of mind that your most valued assets are protected.

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