3 Simple Tips for Wood Stove and Chimney Fire Safety

Few things are more comforting than the warm air emitted from a wood stove or fireplace. That pleasant fireside heat is a Godsend, especially during the frigid winters we experience here in Alberta. However, there are certain dangers associated with a fireplace that must be considered for the safety of yourself and others.

This is where a home insurance broker in Alberta can help. Did you know that chimneys and fireplaces are among the leading causes of house fires in the province? For this reason, having the proper home insurance in place is crucial.

But first, let’s explore a few extra safety precautions you can implement in addition to having proper insurance.

1. Test Your Smoke Detectors Annually

Fires spread rapidly. In fact, in a matter of minutes, a small ember can turn into an inferno; consuming an entire room. And of course, once it gets to that point – things become infinitely more difficult and dangerous. A reliable smoke detector – regularly tested – can be of great help in the event that a chimney fire becomes unmanageable.

The detector will warn you via a piercing beeping noise of the imminent threat before it becomes uncontrollable. As a result, you’ll have enough time to gather your family and escape to safety.

Moreover, because of the extra time that has been afforded you, you can call the fire department quicker, which may prevent additional property damage.

The utility of a smoke detector shouldn’t be taken for granted.

2. Keep the Surrounding Area Clean

Decorations, personal items, and other materials should all be kept at a distance from your fireplace or chimney. Most items can catch fire rather quickly and spread it just as fast. For this reason, one of the most important safety precautions you can take is to clear your fireplace of any miscellaneous items.

Whether it’s combustible or not is irrelevant. Anything can become a host for fire to begin spreading. So by ensuring your chimney and fireplace are clear of obstructions at all times, you’re also ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

In addition, when it comes to keeping the surrounding area of your chimney/fireplace clean, it’s equally important to do the same for the inside as well.

A yearly inspection and cleaning of your fireplace act as an effective preventative measure. Benefits to this practice include catching problems such as:

  • Drafting issues
  • Crumbling brick and mortar
  • Cracks and mold
  • Wear and rust
  • Fire damage
  • Blockages and gas buildup

By keeping your chimney clean, you are doing your part to ensure your family remains safe and can continue to enjoy the cozy warmth from your fireplace.

3. Get Home Insurance

Once these basic, preliminary steps have been taken, you can then solidify your family’s safety. One of the most important forms of protection for your home against fire is home insurance. Most commonly associated with theft, floods, or other types of property damage, home insurance can also encompass fires as well.

There are many reasons for getting home insurance, however, the main one is for the peace of mind it affords you. Knowing that your family is safe and protected in the event of a fire – or any other tragedy – is a comforting notion that will help you live and breathe easier.

Key Takeaway

Experiencing the warmth that emanates from your fireplace alongside your family is a comforting and precious moment. As such, it should be protected. Having the proper home insurance can help you avoid a circumstance where special moments such as those become compromised.

And at Alpine Insurance, we’re here to prevent that from happening. Our team of professional insurance specialists is here to ensure you can continue to enjoy moments like that for as long as possible. Contact us today to learn more.


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