How Clean Is Your Alberta Hotel?

After a long trip a Alberta hotel room can feel like a home away from home. A place to kick off you shoes and relax, but after these surprising findings you might think twice before plopping down on the bed comforter and turning on the TV with an ice cold drink.

CBC marketplace recently probed into Canadian hotels by testing the cleanliness in dozens of rooms at six hotel chains in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal including Budget, Econolodge, Super 8, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Fairmont and Sheraton. All six of the hotels failed the simple cleanliness test conducted. Some of the dirtiest areas being air quality, clean and safe ice, and germs found on high traffic areas in the hotel room. One scary test revealed coliforms a possible sign of fecal contamination in ice machines and E-coli! How Clean Is Your Alberta Hotel? 1

In light of these discoveries Alpine Insurance wanted to keep our customers safe and give you some advice for next time you stay the night in a hotel.

1. When you first walk in to the room smell the air. If the room smells funny the air is most likely full of dust, mold, rust, and pathogens. Ask for another room or switch hotels.

2. Do a quick inspection in all areas for signs of dirt, mold or insects.

3. Do no use the bedspread in many cases they are not clean.

4. Open the bed and look at the bottom where your feet go. If the sheets look dark they probably have not been changed.

5. Clean light switches, door handles and TV remotes with alcohol based wipes before use.

6. Place your toiletries on a hand towel instead of directly on the bathroom counter.

7. Use paper cups if available, most glass cups are washed by hand and are not always clean.

8. If the coffee maker is located in the bathroom do not use it.

9. Use luggage racks to place suitcases on instead of on the bed or carpet.

Source: Hotel ice, air hold potential hazards, CBC test finds, CBC News, Nov 15 2012.

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