How do I use my BBQ safely in the summer?


Are you ready for Summer BBQ season?


How do I use my BBQ safely in the summer? 1It’s the time of year to be enjoying the pleasures of summer! For many people, that means socializing and firing up the barbeque! Make your summer-time fun worry free by following these tips when using your propane barbecue

Propane barbeque safety

  • Keep propane tank upright at all times to prevent leakage and store propane tanks outdoors only.
  • Store the tank on a fireproof surface.
  • Keep burners and the burner throat (where the propane enters the burner) free of dust and cobwebs.
  • Inspect the burners and tubes for rust.
  • Soap test all hoses and joints. To do this, leave the barbecue valve off and the cylinder valve on. Spread a solution of dish soap and water on all fittings and the hose. If bubbles appear and become larger or increase in number, this means you have a leak.
  • Always open the lid before lighting to make sure gas doesn’t build up.
  • If the BBQ doesn’t light the first time, keep the lid open, turn off the gas and wait for 5 minutes before trying again.
  • Operate gas grills outdoors only. While not toxic, propane gas can cause suffocation in a confined space. Grilling in the garage with the door open is not safe enough.
  • After each use, turnthe cylinder valve off on the propane tank first, and then close the “ON/OFF” valve on the barbecue. This way, propane does not get trapped in the hose when the grill is not in use.

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