How Do Insure My High Value Home in Canada?

By Lucille Jakubowski

How Do Insure My High Value Home in Canada? 1

Personal Lines Broker, Alpine Insurance

There are only a few markets available for unique, estate, or high value homes. Among these markets Chubb Insurance has consistently set the standard in terms of available coverage, claims service and especially with their tailored approach to protecting the assets of high net worth individuals. In fact Chubb insures over half of the Fortune 500 CEOs, and most of the world’s billionaires and top art collectors.

Worth magazine readers have three times named Chubb the best homeowner insurer.
Chubb appreciates the complexity and care required in rebuilding or repairing custom, architecturally unique, and older homes, however in the event that the client doesn’t want to rebuild the home, they will pay cash up to the amount of the policy. For example, when the forest fires of 2003 destroyed many of the homes in Kelowna, BC, those insured with Chubb found this feature to be particularly useful as many of them no longer wanted to have a home in the burnt out hills. Standard home policies require that the dwelling be rebuilt and there is no viable cash option for the full policy limits. Chubb also conducts in-house appraisals outlining the rebuilding costs and unique features of each home they insure.

How Do Insure My High Value Home in Canada? 2

How do I protect my high value home?

Here are just a few more of the many unique features that are available with Chubb:

  • Cash settlement for contents
  • Director’s liability while working for anon-profit agency,
  • Liability for personal injury suits (eg: libel, slander, wrongful dismissal of household employee, etc.),
  • Up to $15,000 for mould remediation,
  • Unlimited Additional Expense coverage,
  • Up to $50,000 Identity Theft and Mortgage Fraud expense,
  • Extra discounts when jewellery or other scheduled items exceed $25,000, appraisals not required for items under $50,000,
  • Special extra coverage for ‘green’ systems (geothermal, solar, wind powered homes)
  • Discounts for extra security and protection measures.

To find out more about insuring your high value home, call one of our knowledgeable and experienced brokers here at Alpine Insurance.

About Lucille Jakubowski: Lucille has been an Insurance broker in Calgary for almost sixteen years, and has extensive experience insuring executives and high value home owners with custom homes and special assets such as art and jewellery collections. Lucille is aChartered Insurance Professional (CIP) and a Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) . She has been working at Alpine Insurance since January 2010 and is passionate about the technical intricacies of insurance!

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