Insure your Valuables

A loss of your cherished possessions can be devastating. High value home insurance can simplify the insurance process while protecting jewelry, fine art, antiques, wine and other collectibles unlike standard insurance policies.

Insure your Valuables 1As a high value home owner, ask yourself the following questions when evaluating your existing insurance protection:

  • Worldwide coverage: Would you like to have the option of worldwide coverage on your possessions with no deductible?
  • Cash Settlements: In the event of a covered loss, would you prefer to have a choice of replacing your valuables or opting for a cash payment?
  • Broad Coverage: Are you interested in policy broad coverage so that appraisals do not have to be done on every item (limits will vary by company). Are you covered for finearts breakage and mysterious disappearance?
  • Specific Coverage: Does your existing policy offer extensive protection on the individual possessions unique to your lifestyle?
  • New Purchases: Does your existing policy offer immediate coverage for newly acquired items? If you are travelling and purchase a ring, will it be covered automatically?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be ready to pursue a more specialized product for your home insurance needs.  Contact one of our High Value Insurance Specialists at Alpine Insurance Calgary by filling out the Customer Information Form or calling 403-264-8008 to discuss the best insurance fit for your unique lifestyle.  Alpine Insurance can provide you with sufficient asset protection while offering you peace of mind that your treasured belongings are properly insured.

Protect Yourself Against Insurance Gaps Before A Loss:

Many people are surprised to learn that homeowners coverage is not enough to protect their valuable articles in the event of a loss. Whether it is theft, damage or disappearance of jewellry or other itmes, even comprehensive homeowner policies are limited in their protection of your individual contents. A Alpine Insurance representative can evaluate your existing coverage and help provide options for the protection of your valuables.


Insure your Valuables 2

  • Security of being covered anywhere in the world

  • No policy deductible
  • Mysterious disappearance coverage offered through select companies
  • Reduced rates for jewellry kept in a bank vault
  • Flexible appraisal requirements

Art & Antiques

Insure your Valuables 3

  • Broad coverage with no deductible
  • Market Value Protection
  • Automatic insurance of newly acquired items
  • Equitable claims settlement process
  • Automatic breakage coverage


Insure your Valuables 4

  • Easy to insure all types of memorabilia or collections
  • Specialty wine coverage available from some markets
  • Blanket coverage offered on whole collections

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