Looking for a Calgary Insurance Broker Specializing in High Net Worth Individuals?

Looking for a Calgary Insurance Broker Specializing in High Net Worth Individuals? 1

Lucille Jakubowski, High Net Worth Insurance Specialist

I am Lucille Jakubowski andhave been a broker in Calgary for almost sixteen years.My area of expertise isasset protection for high net worth individuals. I trulyenjoyservingexecutives and individuals with specialized insurance needs,custom homes, unique vehiclesandluxury assets such as art, jewellery andwine collections.
It may sound like a cliche, but I am passionate about insurance! There aremanylegal and technical intricacies to considerwithevensimple policies.


Over the years, I have become anexpert in specialized insurance productslike those provided by Chubb Insurance. I enjoy the complexities involved inhelping my clients protect their personal assets while simplifying the insurance process for their busy lifestyles.
Experience isn’t everything – soI havecompleted two broker designations during my career – the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) and the Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) . I am very proud of these accomplishments and truly feel that the extra knowledge gives me the confidence to bean insurance professionalAlbertaclients can trust.

Ihave been workingat Alpine Insurance in Calgary since January 2010, and coming here has been one of those great life decisions that I pat myself on the back for!The management and staff are completely supportive, and this makes it possible for me to focus on best service for our VIP clients.
Click here to find out more about insurance for high net worth individuals at Alpine Insurance. Contact Lucille Jakubowski at lucille.jakubowski@alpineinsurance.ca

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