A Turtle, A Rabbit, and A Paramedic Walk into a Bar – Which One Needs Professional Liability Insurance?

A Turtle, A Rabbit, and A Paramedic Walk into a Bar – Which One Needs Professional Liability Insurance? 1

Here in Canada it is not uncommon for paramedics to have misconceptions about liability, risk, and insurance that protects them as individuals. At Alpine Insurance we’d like to help explain to make sure our comrades are protected.

Misconceptions range from having the impression the employer, union or professional association will cover them, believing the profession is regulated a certain way in given province/territory, assuming one wouldn’t sue if the funds were simply not available, or thinking a defense of “I did the best I could under the circumstances” is terms to represent oneself.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Paramedics must perform consistently as a reasonable, prudent and competent professional with similar training and experience which is determined by the courts. The regulatory/licensing approach in a province would not likely have much if any implications for assessing a paramedic’s civil liability for negligence.
  • Paramedics are responsible for the consequences of their negligence, and could be held liable.
  • Paramedics who engage in unprofessional conduct can be subject to regulatory penalties or even prohibited from providing health services.
  • Paramedics usually work for employers, whomost oftenhave commercial liability coverage. However, depending on your type of employment and employment status this could exclude you.
  • Paramedics should not always assume that their employer necessarily has their best interest in mind even if the employer has adequate insurance.
  • Paramedics involved in unprofessional conduct proceedings cannot always rely alone upon their employer, medical director, or union for representation and/or financial assistance.
  • Paramedics could be sued if it’s believed they did not abide by the proper standard of care as the liability for patient injuries can ultimately rest with the individual who performed the services.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, the fact is times have changed, and today our public and legal system expects more from all health professionals. Courts are increasingly basing their judgments on higher standards of care and responsibility. Professional liability coverage shields your personal assets, community and professional reputation. Contact Alpine Insurance today to make sure your professional liability is covered!

Source: https://paramedic.ca/why-do-i-need-professional-liability-insurance/

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