Rainy Season

Wow, time is really flying by! Here we are getting to the end of May and we will be coming into our “Rainy Season”. June is generally the month with the greatest rainfall amounts. Is your home ready? To keep water from seeping into your home, follow these simple guidelines: Make sure the downspout is pointed away from your home, make sure your eavestroughs are free of debris, check the ground for excess water, if present, determine the cause, watch the direction of the rain hitting your home and close windows or doors when needed. At this time also remember to make sure you don’t keep the hose turned on all day and night, check any in-ground sprinkler systems to make sure they are operating correctly and keep an eye on any leaks that need to be repaired. Remember, Seepage is not an Insured Peril. You want to get out there and Soak up the Sun, not be inside Soaking up Water!

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