car insurance – When Should I Contact my Insurance Broker?

woman on phone resized 600Most of us only think of reviewing our car insurance policies when we are making a claim, or when we receive our renewal in the mail. But there are a few common changes we often make that actually require us to notify our insurance broker in order to maintain our coverage. Depending on what has changed, you could find yourself without coverage or reduced coverage in the event of an accident.

To ensure you are protected at all times, listed below are examples of times when you should contact your Insurance Broker:

1. Change of Address:. Let your broker know if you have moved, regardless of whether it is in the same neighbourhood or not. Part of your insurance premium is based on where you live and even moving a small distance can have a significant impact on what you pay.

2. Vehicle Modifications: Let your broker know if you have made any changes to your vehicle since you completed your application for insurance. Changes like altering the suspension or making enhancements to your engine could impact your coverage.

3. Changes to your vehicle use: Let your broker know if the use of your vehicle has changed since you completed your application for insurance. For example, if you used to use your vehicle as a sales rep. for your employer but now only use it for pleasure use; or if you receive compensation for driving your vehicle as a part time delivery driver now instead of using it just for pleasure. Let your broker know of any changes to the use of your vehicle.

4. Changes to drivers of your vehicle: Let your broker know if there are any changes to the people who are driving your vehicle. This includes any of your children who may now be licensed drivers and were not at the time you completed your car insurance application. Be sure to provide your broker with the names of all drivers and their driving information.

When in doubt as to whether or not a change will affect your policy; make the call to your Insurance Broker. Learn more about car insurance here.

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