RV Insurance Services in Alberta: What is and Isn’t Covered in a Policy?

Freedom to camp anywhere, quality time with family, and a comfortable riding experience while on the road to your destination. These are just a few benefits that RVs can provide you with. But in order to fully enjoy these privileges, you will need to ensure your recreational vehicle with the assistance of an RV insurance broker in Alberta.

At Alpine Insurance, we house a qualified team of seasoned Alberta insurance brokers to help you get the best insurance policies on everything from your home, commercial property, and yes, even your RV. So keep reading to learn more about our RV insurance services in Alberta.

Alberta RV Insurance Services

Whether you’re located in Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore, or elsewhere in Alberta, Alpine Insurance can provide you with the RV insurance services you need to ensure the protection of your recreational vehicle. Moreover, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your RV is properly safeguarded – and that’s a quality you can’t put a price on.

Our experienced team of RV insurance brokers can help find the appropriate policy for you. But at this point, you may be wondering…

Is RV Insurance Mandatory in Alberta?

While you are not required by law to ensure your travel trailers, tent trailers, or even your full-on recreational vehicle, it is still a wise and prudent decision to do so. Why? Because these “toys” are quite an investment. For this reason, it’s in your best interest to protect them. If they are broken into, stolen, and decimated in any way, insurance would be a valuable asset to have as you will be reimbursed for loss or damages.

An important caveat to keep in mind, however, is that optional insurance is only applicable if own your RV outright. If you’re financing your RV, then depending on your lender, you may be required to get RV insurance.

RV Insurance: What Does it Cover?

There are many events and circumstances that are covered under an RV insurance policy in Alberta. View the list below to learn more:

  • Portable Structures: Coverage is applicable to portable structures (such as an attached screened enclosure) that you take with you on your travels.
  • Personal Property: Whatever contents you keep inside of your RV – if damaged or stolen – are covered by RV insurance.
  • Unplanned Living Expenses: If, God forbid, an unexpected event occurs to your RV while traveling; rendering it useless, you may be reimbursed for these unplanned expenses.
  • Personal Liability: If you unintentionally damage someone’s property or hurt them as a result of operating your RV, charges will be covered under your insurance policy.

RV Insurance: What Doesn’t it Cover?

When it comes to RV insurance, it is geared toward unforeseen situations. Typically, it won’t be applicable to any intended or deliberate damages or unlawful acts implemented by you as well as a lack of maintenance and poor upkeep.

All of these exemptions – in addition any others – will be laid out in the documentation of your insurance policy.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring the protection of your RV is important. There are simply too many variables at play to leave this essential part of RV ownership up to chance. As such, we here at Alpine Insurance offer experienced RV insurance brokers to help you find the right insurance policy for you.

Contact us today to learn more.

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