RVs and Safe Driving

RVs and Safe Driving 1

Summer time is RV season and we know a lot of you out there are itching to hit the open road!

Here in Alberta, anyone with a basic driver’s license is welcome to operate an RV so long as they abide by the following provisions: Your license permits you the operation of a two-axle motor vehicle towing a trailer with one or more axles, a recreational vehicle or combination of recreational vehicle and a trailer if the trailer has not more than two axles and is not equipped with air brakes.

Whether you are experienced with or are just picking up on the nuances of driving an RV, we here at Alpine Insurance and Financial have a few safety tips to help keep you and your passengers safe this summer.

RV Safety Tips

Be aware of your height and length – An RV is significantly taller and longer than other vehicles, which means you need to know just how tall and how long it actually is (check your owner’s manual for details.) Be aware of this when encountering roads and canopies with a set clearance height.

Brake safely – Because an RV is so much heavier than a passenger vehicle, it will require more time to stop or slow down. Allow yourself greater braking distances.

Understand your speed limits – RVs take longer to reach top speed than other vehicles (especially driving uphill), so be courteous to other drivers on the road and do not drive too close to the center line. It is easier for everyone if they can see around you to pass.

Maneuvering – As we’ve covered, an RV is longer, heavier and requires more time to both speed up and slow down than other passenger vehicles, and that means that you will need to drive defensively in order to properly maneuver your RV. Learn to account for other drivers and the road will be a much safer place for all of us!

Photo – © G.NICOLSON – Fotolia.com

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