Summertime BBQs: Keeping your Guests Safe

Summertime BBQs: Keeping your Guests Safe 1

Cookouts are a quintessential part of any summer. We love having guests over to BBQ! It is just nice to get everyone together to enjoy the sunshine and a frosty beverage. But as insurers, you know that we are always looking for way to reduce risks and there are a lot of potential dangers whenever you bring a group of people over to your house.

What sorts of danger? How about a food-borne illness from undercooked meat? Or a loose floorboard on the deck that trips up one of your guests and injures them? Or how about the worst possibility: One of your guests overindulges and causes an auto accident on the drive home from yours.

To help you limit your risks of hosting a summertime BBQ, we put together a list of our top 5 ways to keep your guests safe.

5 tips for keeping guests safe at your next BBQ

  1. Before any of your guests come over, check over your home for any potential dangers: Be aware of any loose boards on your deck or loose railings.
  2. If you have a pool, make sure that the gate is locked (and it should be gated).
  3. Keep all BBQ grills on a level surface away from the house, garage and landscaping. Always wear an apron and oven mitt that fits up to your elbow.
  4. When preparing food, follow these tips from the CDC:
    – meat, eggs and poultry thoroughly
    Separate –
    avoid cross contamination
    Chill –
    quickly refrigerate any leftovers
    Clean –
    wash all produce
  5. Set a limit and be aware of how much your guests have had to drink. If someone over imbibes, make sure that they have a safe ride home – DO NOT LET THEM DRIVE.

Stay safe and enjoy your BBQ!

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