The Importance of Tenant Insurance in Alberta (And What it Covers)

Your valuable possessions are at risk. If you’re currently renting a house, basement suite, apartment, etc, without the proper protection – you’re playing with fire. Tenant insurance is a necessity if you care about your belongings. And while there’s no legal requirement forcing you to get it, it is highly recommended and it’s not uncommon for some landlords to require you have it before signing a lease.

But aside from the opinions of prospective proprietors, you should get tenant insurance for your own wellbeing – to ensure the safekeeping of your precious belongings. In the event of a fire, flood, theft, etc, all of your cherished possessions could be gone with no compensation; tenant insurance will protect you as well as your worldly goods.

At Alpine Insurance, we want to protect the irreplaceable valuables you’ve accumulated over time. For this reason, we provide tenant insurance services all over Alberta. Keep reading to find your area and learn more about how we can serve you today.

Alberta Tenant Insurance Services

Our tenant insurance broker team in Alberta is here for you. Whether you’re renting a duplex, house, condo, etc, within the city; we can get you covered with the right policy plan to meet your tenant insurance needs. Regardless of whether you’re sharing a space or living on your own, you’ll want your own agreement separate from your roommates’ or landlords’ policies.

Being dependent on the insurance policy of someone else for your material possessions is simply inviting trouble. There are too many uncertainties and questionable variables at play.

Ensure the safety of your personal belongings by contacting our offices to inquire about tenant insurance coverage today.

Tenant Insurance for Moving

Typically, moving is a stressful experience. But that emotional upheaval is often counteracted with a strong sense of excitement for the new. You envision – down to the last detail – where you’ll place all your belongings in your new home, how your new setup will look, etc.

However, have you ever considered the insurance coverage needed to protect those valuables? Try not to let the excitement carry you away too far because the reality is there are risks involved when moving into and renting a new home.

And you can’t be dependent on others to take responsibility for your items and possessions. Our insurance brokers are brimming with knowledge that can help you find the exact policy you need for your new home.

Tenant Insurance for Natural Disasters

It’s not a wise choice to move into a new property without being properly insured. The reason being is that too many things can go wrong: a natural disaster, fire, flooding, and a whole host of other variables can compromise your home and/or destroy your valuables.

To protect yourself, you’ll need to get tenant insurance. By doing so, if anything were to occur – God forbid – you would be justly compensated for your losses. This can go a long way in making an unfortunate situation more bearable.

Tenant Insurance for Theft & Vandalism

Imagine being on a wonderful vacation; enjoying the sun, palm trees, and sandy beaches. And upon returning to your normally quiet home, you find that your place of residence has been ransacked and destroyed with many of your valuables now missing.

This, of course, would be an emotionally traumatic experience regardless of the context. However, it would be even more gut-wrenching if your home wasn’t covered by tenant insurance.

Be sure that your home is properly insured today. Our tenant insurance brokers here at Alpine are professional, experienced, and ready to help.

Tenant Insurance for Other Liabilities

Tenant insurance is here to help cover your liabilities. In the event of a disaster or some form of vandalism that destroys your personal property, you can rest easy knowing that you’re securely protected.

Without such protection, the valuable items and possessions you’ve taken a lifetime to acquire will be gone without any form of compensation. Don’t let that be you.


The value of tenant insurance more than pays for itself. The peace of mind, the sense of security, and the actual compensation should anything happen will all come together to enhance your safety – both financially and emotionally.

To learn more, be sure to contact us today to speak with one of our professional insurance brokers to see how we can serve you.


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