The Season of Special Events is Nearly Here

Summer is coming and so is the season for hosting special events. Maybe you’ve got a graduation party on the horizon, or a wedding in your near future. Will you be hiring a band? Renting a banquet room? Serving alcohol? Even our best-laid plans go awry sometimes. Protect yourself, your event and your pocketbook by investing in Special Event Insurance.

Why Special Event Insurance? The Season of Special Events is Nearly Here 1

Special Event Insurance is more than just liability insurance; it protects your investments as well.

Let’s say you’re getting married this July. Weddings are multi-faceted events: you’ve got a rehearsal, the ceremony and a reception – and that’s even disregarding the other events leading up to a wedding (bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party, etc.). Shouldn’t you be covered every step of the way?

What if one of the bridesmaids spills a glass of red wine on the dress the night before the wedding?

What if the ring bearer loses your rings?

What if Uncle Lance has a few too many drinks and crashes into the DJ’s stereo equipment?

Special Events Insurance covers all this and more. We here at Alpine Insurance and Financial even offer a wedding specific package – Ask your agent for more details!

Alcohol: A Special Case

Are you familiar with the concept of Social Host Liability? It’s fairly simple: If you host a gathering at your home and alcohol is involved you will be held liable for any damages incurred by one of your guests, both at your home and on the road.

If you plan on serving alcohol at your gathering then it is important that you protect yourself with Party Alcohol Liability. This type of coverage is available as a standalone policy. It can protect an individual, an organization or a company, so no matter who you are; we’ve got you covered.

Ask us about other available coverage!

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