Tips to Avoid Bicycle Collisions

Tips to Avoid Bicycle Collisions 1

More and more Canadians are opting for two wheels over four and choosing to commute to school and work via bicycle. While this is of course a positive development for both environmentalism and physical fitness, more cyclists on the road means more accidents. Which is why we here at Alpine Insurance & Financial Services would like to share with you some of our top tips for avoiding collisions with bicyclists.

Tips to avoid car/bicycle collisions

These tips are primarily for drivers of automobiles, but cyclists can as well apply our safety tips to their daily commutes.

  • Do not use your horn when passing cyclists unless necessary – it can be very startling!
  • Leave lots of room when passing bicyclists; if possible, change lanes to do so
  • Before turning, check to see that there are no cyclists approaching or hiding in your blind spots
  • Leave plenty of room when following a cyclist (3-4 seconds is recommended) and be aware that bicycles require less stopping distance than a vehicle – be especially cautious of this when the roads are wet and skids are common
  • Use your signals – the earlier the better
  • Pay attention to crosswalks and bicycle paths
  • Drive slowly and with caution in parking lots and around schools and parks
  • Before opening your car door, be sure than no cyclists are approaching from either direction

Attention all cyclists:

Preventing accidents is your responsibility too. The number one way that you can help to avoid collisions is by following the rules of the road. For your personal safety, remember to always wear a helmet and reflective gear. A light for the front of your bike is particularly important during the dusk and evening hours.

Everyone stay safe out there, and remember, share the road!

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