Travel Insurance Solutions for Albertans | Are You Properly Covered?

Do you have any upcoming travel plans? Are you excited about going on your next international adventure? The world is opening up once again and many are eager to get out there and start exploring new destinations. However, before you take your trip abroad, it’s important to ensure you’re properly protected.

A lot can go wrong while travelling: You may need to cancel your trip or it may be interrupted, you could lose your luggage or require emergency hospital and medical care. This is why having the proper travel coverage is critical.

Travel often? A Multi-trip Plan is ideal for frequent travellers who take more than one trip a year. Flexible trip length options are available.

At Alpine Insurance, we offer the travel insurance coverage you need for the unsuspecting setbacks that often occur. Keep reading to learn more.

Calgary Travel Insurance

Excited to soak up the ravishing sun in southern California? Or perhaps try the delectable cuisines under the palm trees in Morocco? Regardless of your destination, finding a Calgary travel insurance broker to help you land the proper travel insurance plan is an investment you can’t afford not to make.

And here at Alpine Insurance, our expert team of brokers can help you decide on the ideal insurance coverage for you, based on your unique trip duration.

Edmonton Travel Insurance

Do you reside in Edmonton or its surrounding areas? Are you excited to start travelling again but are confused about travel insurance options? This is a common theme among travellers. And it makes sense, after all, everyone’s needs are going to vary – and as a result – so are the policies for their travel insurance coverage.

However, don’t let that confusion deter you. Because with the right guidance from the right people, everything can be cleared up rather quickly. And our Alpine travel insurance brokers in Edmonton can help to make that happen.

Red Deer Travel Insurance

Located in Red Deer? We’ve got you covered on that front too! Travel insurance is an essential part of travel that will protect you in countless ways from unforeseen circumstances. As such, our Red Deer travel insurance brokers are waiting to hear from you.

The proper insurance can cover you in unfortunate events such as an injury, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and more.

So be sure that you have the appropriate coverage for your trip, it could save you a lot of pain, frustration, and money.

Lethbridge Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is crucial simply due to the uncertainty factor associated with travel. You never know what could happen. And as the old saying goes, “it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.” For this reason, Alpine Insurance also has travel insurance brokers in Lethbridge to help you find the right coverage to meet your travel requirements.

Be sure to ask any pressing questions you may have. Remember, your protection is our priority. We want you to feel excited and confident about your upcoming adventure!

Canmore Travel Insurance

Whether you’re more spontaneous or you like to plan out every single detail months in advance, at Alpine Insurance, we have the insurance options and policies to meet you where you’re at. Our travel insurance brokers in Canmore are here to help and are excited to hear from you.

We’ll ensure that you’re sufficiently covered when travelling outside of Canmore. Regardless of whether you’re going overseas to your destination or simply over to the next province – we’ve got you covered.

The Alpine Advantage

Getting the best options with superior terms on your travel insurance is important. You want insurance coverage that will meet your needs from a trusted company that’s committed to its customers.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you find the perfect insurance coverage to meet your needs.

Note: Eligibility and pre-existing conditions apply for each travel insurance plan.

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