Weathering Alberta’s Extreme Cold

Weathering Alberta's Extreme Cold 3

Every New Year brings with it, new Polar Vortex cold fronts. The extreme cold weather conditions here in Alberta, can often, cause damage to our homes. Lessen the chance of an insurance loss by following these few tips:

  • Clear sidewalks and front porches of ice and snow to prevent falls and injuries
  • Wrap exposed water pipes with insulated sleeves and heat your home to a minimum of 18 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing
  • Ensure your fireplaces and woodstoves are in good working order and remember to close the chimney flue when not in use.
  • Clear any ice dams near your home’s downspouts to prevent seepage and leakage of backed up water from entering your home.
  • If away from home for any length of time during cold weather months, have a friend or neighbour come in to inspect your plumbing by flushing toilets and running faucets to ensure pipes are not frozen.

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