What are the Benefits of Buying My Insurance Through an Insurance Broker?

What are the Benefits of Buying My Insurance Through an Insurance Broker? 1

Wendy Andrusyshyn, Personal Lines Broker

Clients often want to know how they can benefit frombuying insurance through an independent broker like Westland Insurance versus buying through an insurance company or bank who sells home and car insurance “directly” to their clients. Most Albertans are independent at heart and appreciate the value of a trusted, independent advisor that can offer them honest advice and a variety of options to chose from.

According to Cam Clay of Alpine Insurance in Calgary, an independent broker can save clients time and money by allowing their broker to do the shopping for them. Instead of receiving a single quote through one insurance company, an independent broker will shop around and obtain quotes from several insurance companies. Brokers are the best way to obtain a comprehensive policy tailored to your individual needs at the most competitive price.
In addition to shopping around for you, brokers have extensive knowledge of the wide variety of insurance products offered to consumers in this complex marketplace.

Insurance companies and banks who sell directly to customers are asking customers to take a more self-service approach for a slight discount. It is difficult for consumers to understand what is included, excluded and written in their policy. At an independent brokerage like Alpine, our team is responsible for staying on top of new products and continually improving on the coverage offered to our clients. A broker does this work for you which saves you time and money while eliminating any gaps in protection. The knowledge of an experienced brokers allows you to benefit from all the discounts available to consumers and save you additional money.
An additional benefit of an insurance broker is that most independently owned insurance brokerages are not just a call centre. You can leave a message for a specific individual and they will take the time to review your insurance needs and consider any changes in your life that might have resulted in coverage gaps.

Having a relationship with a trusted advisor also comes in handy if you need an advocate when navigating the claims process, following up after a minor fender bender or deciding on a liability limit. Having an advocate to help protect your family from excessive risk at a cost effective price is a valuable benefit for consumers in the increasingly complicated world of insurance.
To find out more about how an insurance broker can help you, contact Alpine Insurance at 403-270-8822 or click here.

Wendy Andrusyshyn has worked in the insurance industry for over 26 years. She has worked as a Commercial Assistant, Branch Manager, and Personal Lines Broker. Recently, Wendy has specialized in VIP clients and enjoys using her technical knowledge to provide her clients with the best possible coverage.

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