What Do I Need To Know About Travel Insurance?

Booking a vacation takes careful planning—you pick a destination, spend hours researching places to stay, book flights, and plan your travel route. You dream of days spent snorkelling in warm, blue water, hiking up lush mountains, and spending time with loved ones. Despite careful planning, 50 percent of Albertans forget one crucial part of any trip: travel insurance. Consider these frequently asked questions to get you started on thinking about your travel insurance needs.

What Do I Need To Know About Travel Insurance? 1

1) Do I really need travel insurance this summer?

Most definitely; you should always purchase travel insurance. Medical emergencies on a short out-of-province orcross-border shopping trip could end up costing tens of thousands of dollars.

2) What should I know about travel insurance?

Not all travel insurance policies are created equal. Carefully research the best travel insurance policy for your individual needs and make sure you are informed about any conditions, terms, or requirements before buying it.

Feel free to ask your broker some of the following questions:

a) Does my insurance provide in-house 24hour assistance?

b) Am I covered continuously before departure until after I return?

c) Does my coverage include medical evacuation back to Canada?

3) Won’t I get coverage through my provincial or territorial healthcare plan?

If you travel outside of your province or internationally, your provincial healthcare plan only covers a small portion of the bill. However, for as little as a few dollars a day, private travel insurance can fully protect you and your family while traveling away from home. For more information contact your provincial or territorial health authority.

4) My credit card has travel insurance. Won’t it cover expenses in case of emergency?

Not necessarily. Although many credit cards include travel insurance, the coverage is often inadequate. Furthermore, some companies require that you pay all travel costs with your credit card before you become eligible for the travel insurance. Purchasing insurance from a trusted broker will ensure you are completely covered.

5)Where can I find more information about travel insurance?

Click here to find out more about your travel insurance options this summer!

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