What Steps Should You Take To Close Your Cottage ?

Now that autumn and cooler weather are upon us, Albertans are getting ready to close up their cottages. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind!

What Steps Should You Take To Close Your Cottage ? 1

  1. Drain all water pipes. Frozen pipes can burst, causing a lot of damage.
  2. Clean your eaves-troughs to prevent winter damage to your roof
  3. Unplug any electrical appliances, including major appliances and space heaters, that won’t be in use during the winter. This will reduce the risk of electrical fire.
  4. Winterize your boat motors and other power equipment away from the water. Do not drain gasoline from fuel tanks, instead use a fuel stabilizer and store boat motors and other engines in a dry, weatherproof place.
  5. Remove all food from the cottage to prevent animals such as mice and squirrels from moving in over the winter. Inspect your cottage to ensure there are no small openings for them to enter; and don’t forget to also cover the chimney!

When to Contact Your Insurance Broker

If you have made any upgrades or changes to your cottage this summer, contact your Alpine Insurance Broker to ensure you are adequately covered. Don’t forget to also notify your broker if you are renting your cottage out over the winter.

Remember, time spent winterizing now, will pay off next spring with a smoother opening of your cottage season!

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