What Should I During a Wind Storm?

What Should I During a Wind Storm? 1It was another weekend of crazy wind storms in Alberta. From Lethbridge to Edmonton, Albertans are always surprised by the speed and intensity of our summer storms.To prepare properly for a wind storm, we recommend the following:

Before a Wind Storm:

  • Cut down dead tree branches and dead trees on your lot to minimize potential damage.
  • Limit travel if a severe wind storm is forecasted.
  • During a Wind Storm:

  • Warn children to come inside well in advance. A tree branch can easily hurt a child.
  • Secure garden furniture and fixtures to prevent objects from blowing around your yard.
  • Lock windows, doors and screens.
  • Stay way from glass windows and doors.
  • Turn off the stove and gas appliances if the power goes out.
  • Ensure your pets are safely inside and away from glass.
  • Do not go outside until storm passes.
  • Listen to your radio or follow Twitter for emergency updates.

  • After a Storm:

    • Survey the area for damages including your roof.
    • Call 911 if you see a downed power lines and gas leaks. If you smell gas or hear a hissing sound, open the windows and leave the building.
    • Keep your fridge and freezer closed if the power goes out.
    • Take branches and debris to the city landfill.


    • Call your insurance broker if you suspect you have to put in a claim.
    • Wind damage is often covered by your homeowners policy. This can include damage from falling trees, branches and flying debris.
    • Document and take pictures of the damage to your home.
    • Call 311 if a city tree has damaged your property.

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