What We’ve Learned From Our Big Move

We’re moving!

Big news here at Alpine – our Edmonton office is moving!

As of November 30th, we will be located at Suite 203, 15823 97 Street NW, Edmonton AB T5X 0C7.

What We've Learned From Our Big Move 1

Because we know what a pain it can be to pick up and pack up your life, we want to provide you with some helpful tips for moving your home.

Moving Tips


Before you start throwing everything together, create a list. Use a GoogleDoc, Word, Excel, or even a spiral bound notebook…any program you feel comfortable with.

We like the idea of numbering each box and verifying its contents on a table. Try to be specific – “misc. bedroom” can really mean just about anything.

Plan & prep

Now that we’ve created our list, we can work on our plan of attack for packing. Another good idea we’ve found is to color code each box with a simple tag (i.e. green – kitchen, blue – bathroom, yellow – bedroom, etc).

Consult your list and start thinking about how many boxes you’re going to need, and what variety of sizes.

Remember to utilize your luggage and duffle bags! Laundry baskets can also be useful for packing clothing and miscellaneous home goods, like paper products and bedding.


The sooner you start packing, the easier it will be for you on moving day. Look around the house and determine what items are least likely to be used in the weeks before the move.

Do not pack away any important documents; instead keep them with you.

Try to move valuables yourself instead of loading them on the moving van. If you must send them out, pack them away in boxes where they are least likely to be disturbed. In other words, do not label your valuable as such – there is no need to tip off thieves.

Talk to your insurance agent

If you are planning on packing your valuables, check in with an insurance agent to see how your homeowner insurance will keep you covered during a move. Keep an account of which items are being moved and hold on to receipts or any other paperwork verifying their value.

Come visit Alpine Insurance and Financial at our new Edmonton location!

Source – 12 Terrific Moving Tips When You’re Moving Your Home

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