Who Knew Parking Lots Could be Such “Hot Zones”


Who Knew Parking Lots Could be Such “Hot Zones” 1

During this busy shopping season it is inevitable Alberta parking lots will be a lot busier (and more hazardous) than usual. This can bring unpredictable traffic patterns, preoccupied drivers, various obstacles, and many pedestrians, all of which causes thousands of parking lot mishaps that spikes insurance claims each year. We at Alpine Insurance would like to provide some reminders on parking lot etiquette, to help everyone be a little safer during this shopping season.

Parking Etiquette:

  • Often cars will cut across lines or go diagonally across lots – watch out for these cars, and always honor the proper traffic directions and guidelines yourself.
  • Maintain patience while in packed parking lots. Racing other drivers to get to an open space creates unnecessary dangers to you, other drivers, and pedestrians.
  • Don’t pass up far away parking spaces. Circulating in the parking lot in hopes to find a closer spot just creates more traffic and most the time won’t save you any time. Plus taking in a small walk to and from your car is great exercise.
  • Find a space that allows enough space for your vehicle. Squeezing into a little spot can make it difficult to get out of the spot without making contact with cars on either side.
  • Exit and enter your car with care to avoid those dreaded door dings. Be courteous to the cars parked next to you, as you would want them to be courteous when opening their doors.
  • Give others time to get all the way into their cars and close their doors before pulling into the space next to them. Essential to maintaining everyone’s safety.
  • When backing out of a parking spot ,look for other cars who are waiting, speeding through, and backing out at the same time.
  • Use your turn signal when turning into a space to alert others what your intentions are. This way they don’t speed around you on the wrong side potentially causing collision, or become angry that you’re no longer proceeding forward.
  • If a car is waiting for you to pull out of your parking space, be efficient with getting yourself together and pulling out. It’s likely the person waiting is blocking other traffic, so be courteous to all and do not loiter.
  • It is likely tensions will run high in overly crowded parking lots, so maintain patience and refrain from engaging in parking lot rage. If someone is being aggressive with a parking spot, move on to a less tense situation.
  • Lastly and most importantly, watch for pedestrians. Parking lots are peppered with people walking to and fro and even though it is everyone’s responsibility to watch where they’re going, a car will do a lot more damage to a person than a person to a car. Drive slowly and cautiously.

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