Why You Need Tenant Insurance

More Canadians are choosing to live in cities or avoid the expenses associated with homeownership altogether. A common misconception with being a Tenant is your Landlords’s insurance will cover your personal belongings. This is not true and not purchasing the affordable Tenant Insurance can cost you in other ways too.

Tenant Insurance Covers Your Personal Belongings

You might think you do not have anything of real value to worry about purchasing Tenant Insurance. We would ask to you to think again. In the event of a fire or flood it would cost quite a lot to replace everything you own. Electronics, furniture, kitchen supplies, appliances, and not to mention clothing, shoes, and linens. To replace all of these items at the same time would be hard to do. Which makes purchasing Tenant Insurance all the more affordable. Make sure to talk with your Alpine Insurance Broker about your replacement payment options. Most people prefer a policy that will pay for the full cost to replace what was lost over a settlement based on how much your old stuff was actually worth, given that it was old.

Tenant Insurance Covers Your Liability

Your Tenant Insurance does more than just cover your personal belongings. It also covers you legally for any harm you, your family members, or your pets cause to any part of your building or to others who live or visit your building. Legal cost due to injury and damage can spiral out of control fast, but with your renters insurance policy the insurance company can help you fight legal action when a claim is filed.

What Tenant Insurance Does Not Cover

If you have expensive jewelry, furs, sports or musical equipment or your wine collection, your Tenant Insurance might not cover these items. To make sure your most prized possessions are covered talk to your insurance broker about a “floater” policy, which is added onto your Tenant Insurance to cover any items that need special insurance coverages.

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