Winter Weather Driving Tips

The weekend is coming, bringing with it a fresh round of snow flurries. After last weekend’s heavy snowfall in parts of central and southern Alberta, Friday’s expected dusting should seem comparably tame. But that doesn’t mean you should use any less caution when driving in inclement conditions.

Check out our top tips for navigating winter weather hazards.

Accident Prevention: Tips for Winter Driving

Prep your vehicle

Preventing winter driving accidents begins in the fall. Check to ensure that your battery, ignition system, lights, brakes, tires, and especially windshield wipers are in tip-top condition.

If you are planning on equipping your vehicle with winter tires, be sure that all four match. Mixing and matching tires with varying tread patterns and wear will destabilize your vehicle.

Know your route, know the conditions

Before you head out on your next holiday, visit for an update on current conditions in the area you are planning on traveling. Special weather warnings issued by Environment Canada are reported as necessary. Be on the watch for: Blizzards, heavy snow, cold snaps, wind, and freezing rain/drizzle.

Avoid driving in hazardous condition where possible.

Be seen

Before hitting the road, clear your vehicle of all snow, paying particular attention to the lights and windows.

When driving, always turn on your lights; if visibility is poor, use your emergency flashers.

Avoid skids

Slow and steady didn’t just work for the tortoise; it will work for you too. The best way to avoid a skid to slow down and allow yourself extra time for travel. Braking, changing lanes, curves and taking corners can all lead to skidding, so be careful when engaging in any of these activities.

Stay calm

This is some of the best advice we can give. As the weather worsens, people tend to panic, and that is when the most accidents happen. Take a deep breath, count to ten and try to remain calm.

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