If you’re a boater, it’s essential you have your Alberta boat insurance.

Why? Consider this:

  • Suddenly blown to port by a wind gust while you’re taking your 30 footer down the channel, your stern hits a boat in the slip. The person on the 30 foot docked boat is working below deck on his engine. He slips and falls and gashes his head.
  • You lose control over the boat while pulling out of a fuel dock and hit the boat in the next fuel dock
  • You take on water in the bilge from an unseen leak and your boat sink.

All of the above incidents are true. Boating mishaps can happen to anyone and you need special boat insurance to protect you from yourself, other boaters and to some extent, the elements.

Alberta Boats Defined

Loose definition of boats are as follows:

  • Personal Watercraft – less than 16 feet long
  • Boat – 16 to 25 feet
  • Yacht – Equal or greater than 26 feet

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Are you covered under your homeowner’s policy?

Some people think their boat is covered under their homeowner’s policy. If so, the coverage would be very limited and only available for very small watercraft.

Our Boat Insurance Coverage

As a boater, the last thing you need is the concern for how much you will pay for an accident you caused or one that happens to you. Tap into authentic professionals and over 70% of our staff have proudly been in the business of serving Albertan’s for 10 years or more. Get a boat insurance quote now.

Proudly Serving All of Alberta with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Canmore, Red Deer and Faust.

Alpine Insurance is an independent brokerage. In our case that means we represent 4 of the top 5 insurance companies in Western Canada, plus many more!  We’ll obtain the best Alberta boat insurance policy for you from among the many insurance carriers we represent.  Live in Alberta, but have your boat in Invermere or Shuswap? Your Alpine Insurance Broker can help you out.  You don’t have to purchase insurance in the province where you leave your boat for the summer.

Enjoy the affordability, serenity and protection a boat insurance policy will bring you while you’re basking on the water. Get a boat insurance quote now.

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