Top 5 Tips for Saving on Your Insurance

If you’re like most people, you are still recovering from December’s holiday spending spree. In January and February, people start reviewing their bills, looking for ways to save. The good news is that there are a number of ways you can save on your insurance without compromising your coverage. Below are some quick tips, but you can also always give

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Did you know: Truth about the most common insurance myths

Comparing and choosing a car insurance policy can be a confusing process. With all the myths surrounding the process, including the following; drivers can become even more easily overwhelmed. Don’t rely on your neighbor or co-worker for insurance information. Here are the truths every driver should know. “My car is old, I don’t need theft coverage” In reality, many criminals

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What do you mean, “the cake lady didn’t show up” ?!

For the happiest day of your life, you must be covered! Wedding insurance protects an engaged couple’s investment in the event of circumstances out of their control and provides reimbursement for incurred expenses. Examples of Damages a Wedding Insurance Policy will Cover: • A limo driver does not show up on the day of the wedding, forcing the couple to

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Water Protection, are you covered?

Did you know? Weather patterns are changing worldwide, a trend that’s affecting Canada directly. Canada has an average of 20 more rain days a year than in the 1950s. Severe weather events that used to happen every 40 years can now be expected to happen every six years. Canada sustains 20 times the amount of storms and floods than we

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Do consumers prefer buying insurance online or from a broker?

Despite all the talk about purchasing products on the internet, the vast majority of people continue to prefer buying their insurance from a real person versus online. The internet has emerged as an incredible tool for consumers, but it doesn’t eliminate the preference for the human approach when buying complex products such as insurance. A recent survey from Accenture, polled

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