Common Exposures All Airbnb Hosts Should Consider

  In today’s technologically advanced world, individuals have a unique opportunity to efficiently rent out their homes, spare bedrooms or other accommodations through Airbnb, an online hospitality company. For travellers, Airbnb is a convenient platform that provides affordable and flexible alternatives to hotels. For property owners and tenants, the service easily connects various rental units with prospective occupants and makes

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Our Favourite Recipe for Grilling Safety

There’s nothing like a flame-broiled steak, hamburger or hot dog right off the grill on a summer evening. In fact, many backyard gatherings are centered around the grill and the family’s resident chef who is creating all the enticing aromas. In spite of how great grilled foods taste, gas and charcoal grills account for thousands of fires on residential properties

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Are You an Alberta Snowbird Navigating Through U.S. Financial Territory?

One of the joys of retirement is the freedom to travel. Several of Alberta’s native’s enjoy the Snowbird lifestyle, flying south to America during Canada’s cold winter months. Before you pack your bags and take flight here are some tips to help you keep your money in your pocket and away from America’s Uncle Sam. U.S. Tax Returns If your

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What Steps Should You Take To Close Your Cottage ?

Now that autumn and cooler weather are upon us, Albertans are getting ready to close up their cottages. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind! Drain all water pipes. Frozen pipes can burst, causing a lot of damage. Clean your eaves-troughs to prevent winter damage to your roof Unplug any electrical appliances, including major appliances and space heaters,

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