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Combine Your Insurance Services

Save up to 37% when you combine multiple insurance products.

Bundle your insurance for big savings!

In Alberta, most drivers start out using the same insurance company that their parents had. Over time, they may have switched around insurance companies to save a few bucks. The same can be said about first time home buyers; shop around, find the best price, and repeat if the rates rise year over year. However, what we don’t always realize is that when you work with a broker, their job is to find the best coverage, at the best price and offer the best insurance solutions that fit your lifestyle.

Let’s look at ways Alpine Insurance can help you save over 37% on your home and auto insurance, and enhance your coverages!

The Benefits of Bundling

A lot of our new clients call us because they are looking for the best price on their home and auto insurance. Our first piece of advice to achieve this is always to try bundling package your home and auto insurance together with the same insurance company. Insurance companies give the best deal to clients who insure more products with them. The equation is pretty simple, insure more with the same company, and they reward you with better pricing. Some companies also offer lower monthly installment fees when you bundle.

Most of the insurance companies we work with offer additional benefits outside of the price reduction for bundling policies such as a single deductible for your home and auto should they both be damaged in the same event.

Home & Auto Bundling Example:

With Intact Insurance, if you have our home & auto combined coverage, an interest rate of 2% of the total premium will apply. Without the combined coverage, an interest rate of 4% will apply.

The rates presented here are for example only and may change without notice.

We’ve got you covered.
No matter what.


Living in Calgary, Edmonton and other areas in Alberta is great, but…We always have to worry about hail storms in the summer!

Let’s say your home and automobiles are casualties of a hail storm, your home insurance deductible is $1000, and your auto insurance deductibles are $500 on two vehicles (the average number of household vehicles in Alberta). Without bundling your insurance policies, you would be subject to $2000 in deductible payments before the insurance company would kick in to repair your damages. When you bundle your home and auto insurance, you would have only been responsible for one of the deductibles.  – however, in most cases, you would have to pay the larger of the two deductibles, which in this example would amount to $1000 in savings for you.

Additional ways to save on your Home and Auto Insurance

How much do you drive per month?

Most insurance companies estimate that commuters in Calgary and Edmonton drive an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 kilometres per month. If you’re in a smaller town like Red Deer, Lethbridge or Faust – or drive less than 1,500 to 2,000 kilometres per month let us know because you could be eligible for a lower mileage discounts!

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Insure the house, not the land.

A common misconception with home insurance is the total value of the home. Most of us think when we insure our home, we need to cover it for the price its worth on the market, well that may not be entirely true, and you could be over-insured. The market value of the home consists of two factors; the land value and the retail cost of the home. Insurance companies calculate the cost to rebuild it your home. Your land will not burn away, nor will the wind or hail “destroy it.” Have your Alpine Insurance broker perform a replacement cost estimate to determine what it would cost you to rebuild your home; this will ensure you’re not over or underinsured and paying the right amount of premium for the right amount of coverage.

There are many other ways we can save you money on your home and auto insurance. We have offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge and Faust so there’s always an office near you! Alpine Insurance has over 100 years of combined insurance expertise to correctly protect your home, auto, and business in our unique climate.

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