Picking the Right Security System

Choosing a home security system can be a daunting task. It’s a purchase many make only once or twice in a lifetime, so it’s not uncommon for you to be unfamiliar with the process. You know you want to protect your family and home but just exactly what you need to do that might be a mystery. Don’t let the

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How Do I Insure My High-Value Car?

Just bought your dream car, and want to know the best way to protect your asset? Cam Clay and the team at Alpine Insurance in Alberta have the expertise you’re looking for. Many of our clients come to us wanting help insuring their Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis or other exotic cars. Many find other insurance programs don’t give them the protection

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Do You Have Adequate Insurance for Your Jewellery?

Most standard homeowner’s policies in Alberta have special limits on the amount of coverage for jewellery. A very standard policy can have jewellery limits as low as $3,000 and deductibles on any losses. A standard policy can also limit coverage for accidental loss such as dropping your ring down the sink or even for theft. All insurance policies are not

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Looking for a Chubb Insurance Expert to Insure Your High Value Home or Luxury Vehicle?

Susan Adams, High Net Worth Specialist Alpine Insurance in Calgary is pleased to announce that Susan Adams has joined us as the latest member of our insurance team. Susan is an insurance specialist in home, auto and high net worth insurance. Susan started her insurance career in 1982 at her family owned insurance brokerage in London, Ontario. Together with her

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Looking for a Calgary Insurance Broker Specializing in High Net Worth Individuals?

Lucille Jakubowski, High Net Worth Insurance Specialist I am Lucille Jakubowski andhave been a broker in Calgary for almost sixteen years.My area of expertise isasset protection for high net worth individuals. I trulyenjoyservingexecutives and individuals with specialized insurance needs,custom homes, unique vehiclesandluxury assets such as art, jewellery andwine collections. It may sound like a cliche, but I am passionate about

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