Alpine Motorcycle Insurance

Riding your motorcycle is an enjoyable experience. Whether you ride for pure fun or out of convenience, you’re more prone to danger than other vehicles on the road.

Statistics suggest that your risk of being in an at-fault accident is relatively low. But your risk of getting hit by a vehicle is relatively high.

Finding the most comprehensive motorcycle insurance is your ticket to a safe and happy ride.

Get protected with a motorcycle insurance package from Alpine.

Your Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

  • Comprehensive and Collision is set-up to cover your bike repairs and replacement if your bike is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Property Damage/Bodily Injury Liability will protect you up to the policy limits, if you’re considered at-fault in causing property damage or injury to another party.
  • Custom Parts coverage is for extras and accessories on your bike, over and above the $1,000 limit provided by the comprehensive coverage.
  • Roadside Assistance pays for roadside assistance including a breakdown, dead battery, running out of gas, etc.
  • Medical Payments pays for medical treatment you receive.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists coverage will protect you in the event of an accident with someone who doesn’t have adequate insurance.
Motorcycle Insurance Brokers for Alberta

Save on your motorcycle insurance with the help of our brokers

Calgary Motorcycle Insurance

You hop on your motorbike and take those fast corners as the wind whips your face; the feeling is exhilarating. Most bikers see their rides as a serious hobby and take care of themselves on the road. But, as you spend more time riding in the city or you take a longer journey to the mountains, you realize you can only control your own speed and decisions you make while driving. Other vehicles may not see you or won’t care as much, despite the risks.

While the cost of motorcycle insurance depends on your age, driving experience, and a few other factors, the money you spend on insuring yourself is worth every penny. You can’t predict what will happen on the road or if your bike is stolen.

Our brokers at Alpine will walk you through a list of benefits and pricing to make you feel more at ease on and off the road.

Alpine proudly serves Calgary and the following communities:

  • Airdrie
  • Cochrane
  • Chestermere
  • Strathmore
  • Langdon
  • Okotoks
  • High River
  • Surrounding area
Call Us: (403) 270-8822

Canmore Motorcycle Insurance

In Canmore, living or visiting the mountains takes you on a nature adventure. What better way to explore the backcountry or a marked trail than on your favorite Harley or Kawasaki. You want to go fast, experience those sweet turns, and turn heads.

Whether you’re riding in a group or going solo, having the proper insurance coverage makes the trip even more enjoyable. Whatever type of bike you have, be it standard or custom-built, our brokers will lead you to the best insurance provider for your needs.

Don’t let your fears of figuring out insurance leave you in the dust when it comes to protecting your ride and your pocket book. At Alpine, our brokers have spent hours helping people like yourself set-up their unique policy and feel confident about their plans and their choice to head out on the open road. We’ll do the hard work, so you can hop on your bike and ride off to your preferred destination.

Our Alpine brokers proudly work in the Canmore area, including:

  • Banff
  • Bragg Creek
  • Surrounding communities
Call Us: (403) 678-2268

Edmonton Motorcycle Insurance

Getting the cheapest insurance for your motorbike doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you. Every rider has a different bike, preference, and lifestyle. One policy doesn’t fit all, just like your bike isn’t for your co-worker who dreams of walking into work wearing a leather jacket and carrying a shiny helmet.

You want a tailored policy that fits like a glove (or a tight leather suit). Our highly qualified brokers can match you with one of the top insurance providers in the province to get you started.

Alpine Insurance professionals are available in the Edmonton area, including the following communities:

  • Sherwood Park
  • St. Albert
  • Fort Saskatchewan
  • Spruce Grove
  • Leduc
  • Nisku
Call Us: (780) 478-9666

Red Deer Motorcycle Insurance

You ride your motorbike for the thrill of it all, or you simply like to save on gas. It really is beneficial to the environment, they say. Whatever motivates you to get on your bike, there are just as many reasons to get insured. While we won’t give you an exhausted list of the risks of owning and riding a bike (you likely know already), having the best insurance policy will give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your bike to the fullest.

Why spend time stressing about what can happen when you can call our brokers today and get set-up with a customized insurance policy in a matter of minutes. It’s that easy!

At Alpine, our brokers live in the same communities that you do. We understand your concerns and we’re here to help in anyway. Have questions? Please call and ask.

Alpine’s expert staff proudly serves Red Deer and the following communities:

  • Redwood
  • Lacombe
  • Blackfalds
  • Sylvan Lake
  • Rocky Mountain House
  • Bowden
  • Ponoka
  • Surrounding areas
Call Us: (403) 343-8787

Lethbridge Motorcycle Insurance

You’re careening through the back roads at high speed when you run out of gas or a tire blows out. Being an experienced rider, you’ve got this. Or do you? Luckily you charged your phone and can call for assistance as you always ride where there is an internet connection. But, what if you decided bike insurance wasn’t a must-have? I mean, you only ride in the summer anyway. You stress about how much this is going to cost you, miles from home.

This is just one scenario among many that can happen to even the most organized and cautious motorbike rider. Why not secure your ride to the max and get the proper insurance before you head out for your ride? If you can afford leather chaps, you’re well on your way to full protection for your motorcycle rides around the city or on the back roads.

Secure your ride by speaking to an Alpine broker today. You won’t regret a thing.

Alpine proudly serves Lethbridge and the following communities:

  • Fort MacLeod
  • Taber
  • Coaldale
  • Picture Butte
  • Magrath
  • Pincher Creek
  • Cardston
  • Claresholm
Call Us: (403) 329-1100

Faust Motorcycle Insurance

What’s the best time to buy motorcycle insurance, you ask? While you’re busy selecting gear, taking safety courses, and learning the rules of the road, ask about a tailored insurance policy. It’s never too early to talk to your broker about your options, rates, and payment schedule. Once you get excited about your new adventures as a biker, you’ll have less time to make that call.

This is just one scenario among many that can happen to even the most organized and cautious motorbike rider. Why not secure your ride to the max and get the proper insurance before you head out for your ride? If you can afford leather chaps, you’re well on your way to full protection for your motorcycle rides around the city or on the back roads.

At Alpine, our brokers make it easy to get you rolling on the best insurance plan for your needs.

Along with Faust, Alpine proudly serves High Prairie, Slave Lake, Athabasca & surrounding communities. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

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