The RV Security you Need to Have Peace of Mind on The Road

You own a hybrid travel trailer or a motorhome and you spend six months of the year travelling across Canada and the U.S. Or you’re a weekend warrior and take the pop-up camper to a different campsite every weekend in the warmer months.

It’s feels great to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life but is your RV fully covered in case of an accident or liability claim? Sure, you say…I added my RV to my car insurance policy when I first purchased it.

You thought your car insurance policy automatically covered your trailer. Think again…

While it’s easy to hitch your camper or fifth wheel to the back of your truck or SUV and take off—you want to feel confident that you’re covered in any situation.

Full RV coverage is the way to go.

While a special endorsement on your car insurance policy offers you the basic coverage, a stand-alone RV policy provides you with broad coverage in the event of an accident, personal liability claim, and property loss.

For some, your RV is your only home. If you’ve decided to give up your humble abode for life on the open road, you deserve, and need, the security of a full-coverage policy.

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Alpine Insurance can help customize your plan
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Specialized coverage

Protection for your personal property and detached private structures, including sheds and decks, golf cart coverage, and extended coverage for your appliances.

Guaranteed replacement cost

If your trailer is a total loss after an accident, you receive the full value of your trailer. Coverage is included on awnings, contents, and detached private structures (non-depreciating).

Extended coverage

Build the policy that’s right for you! Additional coverage is available for a full-timer and you receive emergency vacation expense coverage of up to $5,000, so you can get home or continue your vacation after an accident.

Disappearing deductible

Stay claims-free and we’ll reduce your deductible by 20 percent every year.

Roadside assistance

This add-on in your policy provides help if you need a tow or a battery boost, you run out of gas for your trailer and the towing vehicle, and more.

Money-saving discounts

Reduce costs on your plan by having more than one policy with us, an anti-theft device installation, and more.

Experienced claims experts

24/7 claims service from people who understand trailers. We’re backed by a claims service satisfaction guarantee.

RV-sharing coverage available

Rent out your trailer unit with insurance coverage included.

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Alpine Insurance is an independent brokerage. In our case that means we represent 4 of the top 5 insurance companies in Western Canada, plus many more!  We’ll obtain the best RVinsurance policy for you from among the many insurance carriers we represent.

Enjoy the affordability, serenity and protection a full RV insurance policy will bring you while you’re adventuring this spring & summer! Get an RV insurance quote now.

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