car insurance Doesn’t Cover Stolen Holiday Gifts

What could be more frustrating than walking out of the mall to find all your gift purchases have been stolen from your car?You may think that your car insurance policy will cover this loss, right? Not exactly. Damage to your vehicle may be covered, subject to your deductible. However, it won’t cover the loss of your personal propertyin the car.

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Who Knew Parking Lots Could be Such “Hot Zones”

  During this busy shopping season it is inevitable Alberta parking lots will be a lot busier (and more hazardous) than usual. This can bring unpredictable traffic patterns, preoccupied drivers, various obstacles, and many pedestrians, all of which causes thousands of parking lot mishaps that spikes insurance claims each year. We at Alpine Insurance would like to provide some reminders

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Pedestrians Use the Road, Too.

When motor vehicles were becoming common in the late 1800s, the British Parliament passed a series of laws called the Locomotive Acts to govern the use of mechanical, self-propelled vehciles (otherwise known as “road locomotives”). The Red Flag Act of 1865, for example, established a speed limit of 2 m.p.h. on city streets for all road locomotives (including automobiles), and

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Don’t Let Road Rage Get The Best Of You!

Ah road rage, how we love this instant gratification of retaliation to all the drivers who wrong us along our way. But is it worth it? Some may argue that yes, it is worth it – however beyond the obvious that road rage is extremely dangerous, it can also be extremely costly hiking up your insurance rates. Based on the

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Teens STILL texting and driving

In 2013, 108,000 licensed Ontario teens in grades 10 through 12 reported that they have texted while driving at least once within the last year. That is nearly one-third of licensed Ontario students! The 2013 Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey also found that Grade 12 students were the most likely to text and drive, with a walloping 46%

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