How Edmonton’s Collision Report Can Help You Avoid an Accident

There was an average of 228 injury collision a month in Edmonton in 2017, some minor, some significant, but all with a story to tell. Every time there’s a motor vehicle accident, Edmonton’s Traffic Safety section adds the details to their Motor Vehicle Collision Information System (MVCIS) database. And every year, the division creates a report summarizing key trends.  

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Things You Should Know BEFORE You Submit Your Claim

Things You Should Know BEFORE You Submit Your Claim Dear Most Valued Client, You’re probably reading this because you recently had a car accident or suffered some other kind of loss to one of your vehicles, your home or your business. And you’re wondering … Should I submit a claim to my insurance company or not? Will there be any

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Fort McMurray Wildfire Insurance Information

As the wildfire south of Fort McMurray Continues to burn, we wanted to provide you with some updates and information regarding the situation in Northern Alberta. If you are a customer of Alpine Insurance, Please call 1-877-770-8822 to report your claim. Alternatively, you can find claims contact information for our representing companies here Alberta Emergency Alert has issued mandatory evacuations

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What’s all the concern about ridesharing in Alberta? The Insurance facts as we know it

  The rideshare industry   Over the past few years, Uber, a popular ridesharing company, has expanded its operations into a handful of Canadian cities. While drivers and passengers cite ridesharing as a cheaper and more convenient alternative to traditional taxi services, the industry is not without risks. Before signing up to become a rideshare driver or using the service

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Did you know: Truth about the most common insurance myths

Comparing and choosing a car insurance policy can be a confusing process. With all the myths surrounding the process, including the following; drivers can become even more easily overwhelmed. Don’t rely on your neighbor or co-worker for insurance information. Here are the truths every driver should know. “My car is old, I don’t need theft coverage” In reality, many criminals

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